e-waste management

We are R2 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Certified which made us the top choice. Our clients make preference with solid confidence and assurance. Our Nationwide pickup and recycling services help clients in getting IT hardware disposed throughout the nation.

Removal of E-waste & Packing for Transport

Our expert team will remove all nominated IT assets, take them directly to the loading dock and transport the hardware from your premises. For local refreshes, we will load the equipment onto our customized trolleys, minimizing the overall time we spend at your premises. For regional and remote locations, items will be palletized ready for collection. Wherever required we remove hardware on the same day of the installation leaving no trace of packaging waste or old assets after we are gone. Using our Easy Refresh process, there is no need to physically separate owned from leased IT assets onsite. We will simply take all IT assets and process them separately according to your requirements at our warehouse. We also provide hard drive shredding services on-site. Please ask our representative for the details.

Receipt and Registration

Once the assets have been delivered to us, they will be checked into our warehouse system. Each asset will be unpacked and registered. Individual barcode labels will be generated to manage each item through our process. From arrival at our loading dock, our wireless logistics and inventory warehouse system tracks every item through registration, testing, cleaning, refurbishment/repair, warranty, recycling and/or re-marketing.

Asset Inspection and Testing

The equipment will then be taken to the next stage of our process where our trained technicians will test and inspect them. All these details will be captured electronically and updated instantaneously into our system. We inspect and test all the assets on receipt unless they are obviously of no value. On completion of this testing, each asset will have its detailed condition noted against it.

Certified Data Destruction

We provide thorough hard drive shredding. Hard drives can be shredded at your premises or ours, using your preferred option. Additionally we offer Degauss & Dry Wiping. Clients can choose from multiple pass wipes in accordance with NIST 800-88 standards. Our system writes the log files of all disks we wipe to a secure server as part of our Quality Accredited processes. Our technicians are pleased to advise those clients who do not have a clear preference. Clients are always provided the Destruction Certificates in the end.

Refurbishment, Re-Imaging and Re-Deployment

Dependent on asset condition and instructions from the client, our refurbishment services range from the simple test and clean through to comprehensive cleaning, repairs, memory upgrades, software rebuilds, specific user re-imaging, and warranty. Our warranty service on assets is our guarantee of Quality Assurance for all stock at resale or re-deployment.

Hardware Lease Returns

Many large computer users have a mix of leased and owned assets, and in some cases less than perfect information about where these assets are deployed and in what quantities. This presents real problems when the time comes to dispose the assets. Using our Easy Refresh process, clients simply provide a copy of their master lease file and leave us with the process of identifying and reporting the leased assets, and finally returning them the lessor.

Environmental Responsibilities

We take our e-waste responsibilities seriously. All assets deemed to be unusable in their present form are data-destructed and dismantled with all components separated into bins. i.e. plastics, mother boards, sheet metal, glass, copper and cable. These are then passed onto our partner companies who reuse or specialize in the remanufacture of these materials. We eliminate the risk of your e-waste ending up in landfill.